To maintain the highest standard laid by the founding missionary leaders in the field of education and a hallmark for moulding the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and social life of every student.


To provide an enriching education which brings the best potentials in students' personal and academic life that would make them cope with the challenges that lie ahead .

Core Values

G - Godliness R - Resourcefulness O - Obedience W - Willingness T - Thoroughness H - Honesty

Brief History of MGHS

In 1878, the same year that the Wesleyan Boys' High School, now known as Methodist Boys' High School, was established, by the African Members of the Wesleyan Methodist Mission, the Mission also tried to establish a girls' school, in order to make secondary education accessible, not only to boys, but to their female counterparts as well. However, this attempt failed because Miss Smith, the Missionary who came from England to establish the girls' school, became indisposed and was compelled to return home. Despite this setback, the founding fathers of the school were not deterred, as another attempt was made, in 1879, and this saw the establishment of the school in January 1879, with Rev E.W. Williams, a Nigerian, as her first Principal. Read More...