The School Council

MGHS's administration is responsible for the strategic vision for the School.


The management team comprises the Principal and the two Vice Principals (Academics and Administration).

Expanded Management

Heads of Departments, Year Tutors and Guidance Counsellors form members of the expanded management. They hold regular meetings with the management, to give feedback and discuss topical issues relating to their various departments and levels, in order to proffer solutions and give innovative suggestions, with the aim of propelling the school to the highest ground.

Students Representative Council

This is made up of all Class Captains, School Prefects and Management team. The SRC holds regular meetings, where management gets feedback from students, who are encouraged to air their views and actively participate in their academics and the school’s administration.

Council of Prefects

The Council of Prefects is made up of all school prefects, namely: Head Girl, Assistant Head Girl, Labour Prefects, Laboratory Prefects, Junior Year Prefect, Senior Year Prefect, Social Prefect, Health Prefect, Library Prefect, Food Prefect, Time Keeper, Assembly Prefect, Sports Prefect, ICT Prefect and Hostel Prefect.


MGHS Board of Governors manages the school, with a view to providing the best educationpossible and educational opportunity for all students, by setting the strategic direction for the school. Members of the Board are seasoned administrators, drawn from different walks of life, and they perform their statutory functions adequately. The Board of Governors works hand in hand with the Management to establish and maintain the school ethos, set the school plans and policies, as well as monitor and evaluate the school performance.


We firmly believe that a successful education is based upon very strong and positive relationship with parents. We encourage parents to talk to us about their children whenever necessary. Parents are allowed to give their contributions during foralike Open Day, Visiting Day and PTA meetings.

Open Day

This is a day set aside every term, for parents to visit the school to check their children’s academic progress and give feedback to the school.

Visiting Day

Boarders’ parents are allowed to visit their children ONLY on the 2nd Sunday of every month, between 12noon and 5p.m.

Parent-Teacher Association

PTA meetings are held regularly. We encourage Parents/Guardians to play active roles in their children’s education and in return, they are kept informed of students’ progress and achievements. We very much appreciate the support our parents offer.

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