Admission Policy

Admission Policy

Girls wishing to pursue admission to MGHS, irrespective of the entry level, are required to complete and submit an application form, which is obtainable in the school and other designated centres.

Admission to JSS 1

Applicants are required to sit for Entrance Examination. Thereafter, successful candidates are invited for interview and offer of admission is based on their performances in both examinations. Former academic and behavioural records may be considered, but admissions are offered on Merit only.

Admission to SS 1

Applicants are welcomed for admission to SS 1. Candidates are required to sit for a Qualifying Examination, comprising English Language and Mathematics. An overall assessment will be based on the results of the examination and their respective BECE results.

Furthermore, each applicant MUST have at least six (6) credits (which must include Mathematics, English Language, Basic Science, Computer Studies, Civic Education and Business Studies) and three (3) passes in the NECO / State BECE.

Subjects studied at this level are grouped into four (4) categories; Arts, Social Sciences, Business and Science. An applicant’s results in the BEC Examination will determine which category she is best suited.

Transfer to Other Levels

Applicants seeking admission to other levels, with the exception of JSS 3 and SSS 3, are required to sit for a Qualifying Examination. Admissions are offered, based on Merit, and subject to availability of space in the class desired. Transcripts from the applicant’s previous school are also requested and taken into consideration.

General Admission Requirements

Applicants are expected to submit the following on or before resumption:

  1. Testimonial from applicant’s former school.
  2. 2 recent passport photographs.
  3. 1 passport photograph of each parent.
  4. Medical Test Report from Hoare’s Memorial Methodist Cathedral Hospital, Yaba, or any other authorised hospital.
  5. LASGEM number from former school.


New students are easily and happily integrated into the school system and its routine, through our extensive Induction Programme. The programme is proactive and geared towards ensuring that students familiarize themselves with their new school and its procedure, within minimal time. The members of staff, especially the House Mistresses and other hostel staff, adequately perform their role of in ‘loco parentis,’ by giving the children a feel of home away from home.

MGHS offers a comprehensive programme with a wide range of subjects, in line with the kind of knowledge the best educational systems provide children all over the world. We provide our students with a challenging well-rounded education that includes the Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Business, Science and Technology, Religion and Health. Students are offered classes in line with the 9 – 3 – 4 Curriculum, approved for Junior and Secondary Schools in Nigeria.

Our curriculum provides for the following subjects:

Junior School Subjects
English Studies, Mathematics, Basic Science
Mathematics, Basic Technology, Yoruba
Creative and Cultural Art (Music & Fine Art)
Economics, Christian Religious Studies
Computer Studies,  Agricultural Science
Civic Education, Social Studies
Business Studies, Igbo , French Education

Senior School Subjects
English Language, Literature-in-English,
Technical Drawing, Visual Art, Civic Education
Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Home

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