Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies

Each student is expected to belong to the Speech and Debate Club, and any other two clubs or societies: one academic and one social.

Academic Clubs

  • Junior Engineers, Technicians and Society (JETS)/ Young Materials Scientist Club (YOMASC )
  • Business Students' Association
  • Mathematics & Information Technology
  • Cultural & Dramatic Society (CULDRAM)
  • Home Makers' Club
  • Traffic, Safety, Health, Life and Planning, Music club

Clubs and Societies

Social Clubs

  • United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • Press Club
  • Interact Club
  • Red Cross
  • Girls' Guide
  • Girls' Brigade
  • Zontal International
  • Junior Achiever
  • Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches In West¬† Africa (FECCIWA)
  • Sports/Chess Club
  • Speech and Debate Club


At MGHS, we shape and mould great Public Speakers. Every student is expected to belong to the Speech and Debate Club, where students are introduced to, and drilled on the rudiments of public speaking and critical reasoning. The Club is designed to teach every student effective communication, independent research, teamwork, self confidence and self esteem, among many others.

Art, Music and Drama

Our students are exposed to Creative Arts, in form of Art, Music and Drama. The school has a very strong and rich musical tradition. In the year 2008, the School Choir took third position in the Shell's Schools Choir Competition. In December, 2014, the school gloriously took first position in individual presentation and second in group presentation respectively, at the 2014 National Musical Competition. Presently, MGHS Choir is ranked among the best school choirs in Lagos State.

Field Trip and Excursion

At MGHS, we recognize that learning experiences outside the classroom are inherently interdisciplinary. Enriched, regular, valuable educational field trips and excursions are undertaken, to complement classroom studies and bring excitement and adventure to learning and broaden students' learning experience.