General Information

First Aid
There is a well-equipped Healing Bay, with an experienced resident School Nurse, available 24 hours a day, to offer first aid treatment. The school is also in partnership with the Hoare's Memorial Methodist Church Cathedral  Hospital and Lagos State Health Centre, Harvey Road, Yaba. It is imperative therefore, that parents provide the school with accurate, basic details of their daughters' medical background, so that we can ensure that their needs are met.

All students must have:
(a) At least two (2) sets of uniforms

(b) A school beret, which should always be worn whenever students are in school uniform

(c) A pair of brown Cortina sandals

(d) White Socks

(e) A customized scarlet red school cardigan, which can be worn when necessary

(f) A customized blazer, which serves as ceremonial wear for students

Code of Conduct
We place a high premium on standards of conduct and the formation of good character. Our students are trained to be disciplined and to take personal responsibility for their behaviours; they are therefore, the pride of, not only the school, but that of their respective families. Discipline and comportment within and outside the school is firm and friendly, based on mutual respect.

Rewards and Sanctions

We believe that students respond to a positive approach of encouragement, praise and rewards.

Celebrating success is essential and students are encouraged to work towards earning the rewards available for effort, academic excellence, personal achievements, skill, punctuality, honesty, character and consideration for others' needs. A merit system operates throughout the school to support this. Where an indecorous behaviour occurs, there is a sanction procedure, which all students are familiar with.

All rewards and sanctions are in adherence to the school's Code of Conduct, the details of which are contained in the Students' Handbook, issued to all new students. We value our partnership with families, therefore, parents and guardians are encouraged to support the school regarding our rules or sanctions.


Safety of lives and property is an integral part of the school system. The school has a formidable security team that is alive to the task of ensuring safety in the school and the hostel. Regular training are held for them to expose them to innovations and how to take precautions to guard against crime, attack, or sabotage.