MGHS at a Glance

MGHS at a Glance


Curriculum In Action

MGHS offers a comprehensive programme with a wide range of subjects, in line with the kind of knowledge the best educational systems provide children all over the world. We provide our students with a challenging well-rounded education that includes the Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Business,
Science and Technology, Religion and Health. Students are offered classes in line with the 9 – 3 – 4 Curriculum, approved for Junior and Secondary Schools in Nigeria.

ICT Laboratory & E-Learning Centre

The world is changing, and information technology is increasingly becoming the central means of communicating, working and even socializing. It has, as well, become a major means of assessing students who seek admission into tertiary institutions of learning. Thus, its inculcation into the curriculum cannot be overemphasized. At MGHS, we equip our students with the skills they require to develop and progress in a technological world. The school has Information and Communication Suite, housing over a hundred PCs, linked to the school network.

First Aid

There is a well-equipped Healing Bay, with an experienced resident School Nurse, available 24 hours a day, to offer first aid treatment. The school is also in partnership with the Hoare’s Methodist Church Cathedral Hospital and Lagos State Health Centre, Harvey Road, Yaba. It is imperative therefore, that parents provide the school with accurate, basic details of their daughters’ medical background, so that we can ensure that their needs are met.

Sports & Activities

Apart from the provision of equal opportunities for all students, through diversity of learning, there is also a Co-curricular experience that widens their awareness and enables them to reach and expand their potentials. We encourage our students to follow their interests, develop new skills and most importantly, fully enjoy all aspects of school life.

Staff & Students Training

Regular seminars and workshops are organised for teaching and non-teaching staff, locally and internationally, to enhance their productivity.

Periodic seminars, career talks and workshops are organised for students, and every year, school Prefects and other interested students are sent on Leadership Training, at the Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre (Sea School), Apapa, Lagos, and to observe the proceedings of the Lagos State House of Assembly, all in a bid to prepare them for their future roles as leaders.

MGHS at a Glance

  • Student-friendly and conducive learning environment
  • Enriched Curricular and Co-curricular activities
  • Fully refurbished Science Laboratories
  • Modern Art Studio
  • Well-equipped Home Economics Laboratories
  • Homely boarding facilities
  • Music Suite housing sets of keyboard, trumpets, violins, drums and many other musical instruments
  • Enhanced ICT- based Learning Resource Centre
  • Spacious and well ventilated classrooms with interactive boards
  • A team of passionate and inspiring educators
  • Well equipped air-conditioned Healing Bay
  • Extended car parking facilities for staff, parents and visitors
  • Garment-Making Room
  • Standard Water Plant
  • Safe and secure environment
  • 40KVA generator used to back up supply of electricity in the boarding house
  • 100KVA generator used to back up supply of electricity in the school.
  • Standard Sports Field
  • Modern Geographical Garden
  • A number of school buses
  • A well-equipped Typing Pool

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