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We are hungry! We are hungry!

This chorus seems to be on auto replay in my head

Small wonder a hungry man is indeed an angry man.

The pandemic that affects the whole world seems to drastically change the mentality of the rich and create awareness among the poor that the rich also cry.

 I am forced to lock myself home in isolation

But how can that be possible when there are greater needs to be met.


Just two weeks they say, but it’s gradually turning into two horrible months

My main concern is my belly while my ability to reason is quickly degrading

To be safe and keep safe is the ultimate motive to hinder the transmission of the virus

That spreads like wildfire.

My belly sounds just like volcanic eruptions similar to rumblings in the jungle

No problem, I will stay, it is a command, and I will stay lockdown at home

As long as there is enough to quench my never-ending hunger



Just in a twinkle of an eye, I mean right before our very eyes

Young innocent hungry boys mature into heartless armed men

At first, I tried to reason with these boys to unravel the mystery behind their newly found trajectory but no reason is justifiable to tow this lane.

Many are afraid to leave their homes because of fear the virus could become one with them simultaneously they are dying slowly and painfully from the excruciating pain of lack and empty kitchens


Nigerians are not ready to heed to instructions but I can’t completely blame them

Since our voices have been silenced by those we refer to as our leaders

We cry out to our government to listen to our plea and provide basic amenities, which should have been long time ago, even before I was brought into this world.

Not that I am not aware of the fact that the virus is out there

But what can I do, I am completely helpless

Two authorities fighting for my life,

Which will conquer at the end of the battle?

The heartbreaking thing about the virus is that many are suffering but they still find a way to maintain the hypocritical smile pasted on their faces every day

“39 seating 99 standing” is the situation we have found ourselves in today


I’m confused, I’m scared

If I decide to silence my belly continuously, I die

And if I go out and mingle with the crowd, I die

What is the possible way out?

It is either my belly or my health

I am now left alone

Where will my help come from?

Now suddenly dawns on me that there is a GOD that controls all things

One with the capacity to revive, redeem and restore

I run to you O mighty one, not looking back

Casting all my cares, tears and fears on you

To give insight and solutions to our dedicated researchers and scientists

Wisdom and ideas to our leaders to make decisions to revive our economy

Patience and tenacity to our people through this trying times.


Certainly the battle is not yet over

The struggle is no longer between my belly and my health

But now between my GOD and this pandemic

Surely, there is light at the end of the tunnel

And our victory over this pandemic is assured.

Ease the lockdown! Easing the lockdown…and gradually life is coming back to normal

Not so fast without these buzz words…social-distancing, mask-up, sanitizers….until the end


by Treasure AghaChukwu     (MGHS Student)

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