Rules And Regulations


  1. All students MUST be in school before 7.25a.m., for cleaning-up of classrooms and the school compound.
  2. Students must move on to the assembly ground for devotion and announcements, at 7.25a.m.
  3. The school compound and classrooms MUST be kept clean all the time. Waste baskets   provided must be used.
  4. Students MUST attend school regularly and punctually.
  5. a) Students MUST respond promptly to school bells.
    b) Students must walk on the corridors and not across the Quadrangle.
    c) Students must not run on the corridor or the stair-case, when moving from their classes to the assembly ground, or the laboratories.
  6. Every student MUST stay within the school, from 7.30a.m., until the closing time, at 4.00p.m., from Monday to Thursday, and 2.10p.m., on Fridays.
  7. a) At least two (2) sets of uniforms
    b) The school beret, which MUST be worn by students whenever in school uniform
    c) A pair of brown Cortina sandals, by Bata
    d) A customised scarlet red school cardigan
    e) A customised blazer, for occasions.
  8. a)Nails must be kept short.
    b) For those who plait their hair, they must wear a uniformed hair-style, dictated at the end of every week. Those who
    don't plait their hair MUST wear a low cut always.
    c) There should be no tinting of hair or use of hair extensions/attachments. Any student who defaults regarding this will be sent home.
  9. a) Students must eat the lunch provided by the School.
    b) There should be no eating outside the school or on the roads, when in uniform.
  10.  Any student who is absent from school must bring a letter from her parent or guardian.
  11. a) There should be no wandering around the streets by students.
    b) Students must not loiter around the school premises during lessons.
  12. a) All students must take part in Physical Education and games, except those exempted by the Principal.
    b) Each student is expected to have at least a set of sportswear, a pair of canvas shoes and white socks. All these
    must be marked.
    b) Girls must only wear gold or gold-plated stud earrings; earrings with diamonds are not acceptable. The use of chains, bangles and hair accessories must be avoided, while in school uniform.
    c) Only the use of non-expensive wrist watches, with black or brown leather straps, is allowed.
  14. In or out of school compound, especially while in school uniform, fighting, gambling, stealing, cheating or noise making will be severely punished.
  15. Any amount of money above #100 should be given to a teacher for safe keeping.
  16. Every student MUST belong to the Speech and Debate Club, and any other two of the school societies: one academic and one social.
  17. a) Every student must respect not only their teachers, but all adults within the school premises, including the non-teaching Staff.
    b) No student must stay in the classroom during Lunch.
    c) Students must go up the staircases near the Laboratories and come down through the ones near the office. e) Every student must speak ENGLISH LANGUAGE during school hours, except during NIGERIAN LANGUAGE classes.
  18. Any student who fails to do her homework, class work, class test or copy notes in class will be kept behind after school to do such.
  19. The use of mobile phones, ipads, ipods and other electronic gadgets IS NOT ALLOWED in the school


Boarding House rules and regulation

  1. Girls must go to the Dining Hall on time and eat the food served, and must observe table manners during meals.
  2. No food must be taken out of the Dining Hall.
  3. Girls in the Healing Bay will be attended to by only the School Nurse.
  4. Dormitories must be kept clean and tidy always, with beds well-laid out.
  5. Girls must talk in low tones and behave with decorum always.
  6. No girl must remove any school property from the Dormitories and/or Dining Hall.
  7. Clothes must not be hung on railings and windowsills.
  8. Only articles specified on the boarding house list must be brought to school and must be clearly marked with owner's name.
  9. No student must be found with additional pocket money, apart from the one kept with the house mistress.
  10. No student must bring provisions or any other contraband to the hostel.
  11. No student must be seen with more than #100 at a time.
  12. All boarding house students must wear their Boarders' Badge (B- Badge).
  13. No boarder should bring in any mufti, apart from school uniform and school sportswear.