Hostel and Visiting Day Policies

Methodist Girl’s High School is a educational girls school located in Lagos. Having provided – and continue providing – quality education for students for over a 100 years, we clearly understand that boarding students tend to be more self-reliant and dedicated to their studies. Consequently, we set up one of the best boarding schools in Lagos and Nigeria.

Aside from the fact that boarding schools encourage students to concentrate on their studies, there are other good reasons you should enrol your child in a boarding school. First of all, a boarding school will make it possible for your child to learn how to live in unity with people of different backgrounds and cultural beliefs. 

Secondly, your child will be able to build his or her communication and networking skills within a short period. In most boarding schools in Nigeria, students live together, work together on tasks, and have regular conversations with one another; all these help them to improve their communication skills, as well as other essential soft skills.

Boarding House Rules


Visiting Days